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March 01, 2022

How To Set Up Automation And Home Security Integration In Chico

Your security system performs best if it’s integrated with smart home automation in Chico. By joining the two, you get a secure house that is more convenient, reliable, and brings less stress for you and your family. Arm your security and automation equipment to a defined schedule or control them from any smartphone. Here’s more about why you should link them together and the ways a smart system like ADT is the best fit for you.

Pair Your Security System And Smart Lights To Deter Break-Ins

With Chico automation and home security system integration, you are able to program your lighting to turn on instantly when your security cameras triggers. Nothing can terrify a would-be thief like a spotlight shining at them.. And when you’re away, schedule your lighting to turn on at a predetermined time so you can give the illusion that you’re home. Or switch the lights on and off with your security app.

Sync Your ​​Home Security Cameras With Smart Home Automation In Chico For Live Always-On Feeds

Security cameras are elements of a complete security system for any living space. With home automation and home security system integration in Chico, your home security cameras are able to be set to begin filming the surroundings when it detects unusual motion, providing you a view of what’s taking place outside. You may also set the alarm system to send you a message on your phone, so you can tap into a live video stream of what is happening, so you can find out if you need to update the authorities. Also, leverage your security app to speak with visitors via the 2-way talk capability.

Integrate Smart Fire Alarms To Inform You to Potential Fire Events

Home security is not just about break-ins. Other risks, like fires, water leaks, and CO may also be integrated into your home security system in Chico. You can integrate smart fire alarms to alert you on your smartphone if smoke or excess heat is detected in your house, whether you are at home or not. Navigate your interior safely by programming your security system to power on the lights if the fire alarm activates..

Smart Fire Alarms can also be integrated with your home security cameras to enable you to see live video feeds of what is going on and switch the alarm off from your mobile device if they have unintentionally been triggered.

We Can Assist You With Your Home Automation and Security System Integration In Chico

Need assistance with integrating your automation and home security system in Chico? Cameras, lights, and any other smart component can be paired with your alarm system to give you a safer, less stressful living space. Speak with our security professionals at (530) 205-3977 or send in the form below to customize the ideal security and automation system for your needs.